Bungalow privés pour séjour en couple en surf camp à Seignosse

Charming bungalows for couples in Seignosse

Charming bungalows for couples in Seignosse

The Natural Surf Lodge offers two types of accommodation for couples.  Before and after surfing all couples enjoy the intimacy of private bungalows... During your romantic surf trip you can also join the Lodge community to share festive moments if you feel like it !

The Fermette : ancient bread oven converted into a little surf house

Ideal for a couple with a single child, it offers a king size bed and a single bed with private toilet and shower. You will appreciate the unique and private terrace and view on the oakery, private entrance and parking.

The Bungalove : little and comfy nest for surfers in love...

The Bungalove was an ancient shelter for...pigs.  Totally renovated in 2012, it became another comfortable cocoon for surfing couples.  You will find a king size bed as well as a single bed and a private bathroom.

Natural Surf Lodge
280 Chemin de Bathurt
40140 Soustons
Claire Becret
Tél. +33 (0)6 74 16 02 28