Famille de surfeurs pour vous accueillir au surf camp Natural Surf Lodge

Join the surf camp of a surfing family in Seignosse France

Join the surf camp of a surfing family in Seignosse France

Staying at Natural Surf Lodge is like diving in the heart of a family living in tune with the surf and Nature. Discover a piece of paradise in Seignosse South West France. For a week long surf camp, you will share the daily routine of local surfers.

Natural Surf Lodge, it’s a colourful family story

Claire and Stéphane were already surf instrcutors when their blue surfing path crossed the green environnement of the farm. The Natural Surf Lodge was born and it was obvious to share this jowel. That’s how the surf camp idea came up, the first one in France back in 2001. Their older son, Justin fell into the surfing potion when he was 8, Marius prefered the green side and is more like a tree guardian, listening to Nature to live in peace and enjoy simple moments. Two boys one green, one blue, Nature makes perfect…

Natural Surf Lodge, is not only a surfing family story...

Claire and Stéphane have many ideas per minutes. Like create a special holiday place mixing surf, nature, good vibes and escape feeling. This original idea stepped in stone thanx to Stephane hard work habilities and creativity and Claire’s optimism and support. Last but not least, this wouldn’t have happened without the help of a larger family :
-    Greg, first Lodger – moral support and sponsor ;
-    Papi Christian, powerman - gardner, master of the lawn ;
-    Mamie Yo, linen maid – lodgekeeper ;
-    Papi Jean, car fleet manager – taxi – society consumption handrail ;
-    Mamie Régine, cook chef – chief accountant ;
-    Mathilde : surf shack supervisor – surf instructor – Lodge super quartermaster…

Natural Surf Lodge, is a growing family

You can't enjoy your surfing holdiays without our super quartermaster ! Set up breakfast, smile, prepare the rooms, insure transfers to the beach or go shopping, organize the Tuesday BBQ, be available for the surf Lodge community and naturally bond the surf group… To be short, the super quartermaster is everywhere and part of the family ! Ask Mathilde, Chacha, Seb, Lamarkus, Jojo, Julien, Lina, Lisa… Who will be next ? Do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Beyond all these great people, the Natural Surf Lodge is you, tourists from all over the world, holidayers from different origin and countries who give this surf camp a unique, green friendly and cosmopolitan soul.  Merci.  Mahalo.

Natural Surf Lodge
280 Chemin de Bathurt
40140 Soustons
Claire Becret
Tél. +33 (0)6 74 16 02 28