Surfeurs en couple, en solo ou entre amis le Natural Surf Lodge accueille tous les profils de surfeurs

Natural Surf Lodge surfers profiles

Natural Surf Lodge surfers profiles

All surfing profiles are welcome to the Natural Surf Lodge : beginner or expert surfers, alone or among others, surfing and green friendly holidays have to be shared !  Join us to spend a lifetime surf stay among Nature in Seignosse, close to Biarritz.  Come to stay and surf at the Natural Surf Lodge, no matter if you are alone, a couple, a bunch of friends or a family, beginner, intermediate or expert surfer.  Join us to spend great and responsible surfing holidays in South West France.

Solo surfer on holidays

Feel like a surf and nature break and have nobody to come with ? Don’t be shy, shared rooms welcome up to 12 individuals, so there will always be a bed for you ! Surf courses or BBQ eveining on the beach will be the times and places to meet up/ for new encounters. If you feel like resting alone, no worries, many free and relaxing spaces offer peaceful opportunities like the tree house perched in an oak or the lounge to read and have a siesta.
Esther : «to meet and spend time with real people who share an interest in surfing - to make friendships for life. »

Surfing as a couple in les Landes

The bungalove and the Fermette are both ideal places for a lovers surf as they are independant and comfortable. A break among Nature that bind together and relax : the SPA and the steam room are great helps to calm down body and soul !
Richie : «The lodge is a wonderful retreat where you can make new friends or be with your one, but in any case escape from city life and feel like a real surfer! »

Surfing with friends in Hossegor

Come along with friends ! Shared rooms can welcome up to 12 persons. The huge communal room, numerous sofas, relaxing spaces, pool table, tables football or tennis insure nice day and evening to share after surf group.
Ana : «The way to live together with the other lodgers leaves enough time and space to be by yourself, or to hang out and cook together. There's mutual respect, and there can be great conversations or wild dancing on the porch! »

Family surfing in Seignosse

Keen to try a family surfing experience ? no matter of surf level or age of each family member, the Natural Surf Lodge adapts to all tribes ! The Bungalove, the Fermette and the family room welcome families of 3 up to 6 persons. The team schedule the surf planning depending on age and surf abilities and also anticipate after surfing activities. Everyone will live at their own pace : meal preparation in the kitchen or « à la plancha » while fun and relaxing spaces like the trempoline and the skate park will keep everyonelse busy.
Emily : “ The perfect combination between having a "program" and "time-off". There are plenty of activities that can be done in addition to surfing, and since you start the day early with the surf-lessons, there is always plenty of time too !”

Natural Surf Lodge for families 2.0

No matter your familial organization, the Natural Surf Lodge offers a simple housing solution : shared room if you are alone with your kids, parents in a priavte bungalow and children in a separate room if you are a numerous blended family ! Away from car trafic, among the trees, the Lodge offers a huge and secure free space : parents and kids enjoy their holidays together or on their side in peace.
FX : «Friendly vibe with guests mingling from all over the globe. Tranquil and beautiful gardens and grounds. Loads of ways to chill out and unwind after surfing...Steam room, Pool, Hammocks, Tree House BBQ area. »

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