Ambiance surf pro et culture surf locale en vacances dans les Landes

Natural Surf Lodge ambassadors

Natural Surf Lodge ambassadors

Natural Surf Lodge sponsors several promising young surfers : Andy Criere, 20 y/o surfer from Hendaye. Some of you met him during your surf week this past summer. Marie Chauché, 17 y/o longboard surfer, and Justin Becret, our son, 2015 France champion of the minimes category. They are young, wonderful, they smell sand and wind… but above all, they love surfing… Come meet our ambassadors !

Marie Chauché

Age : 17

I've been surfing for : 6/7 years

I surf because : "That is my passion, allowing a peculiar contact between the ocean and my innerself"

Magic board : 9”53.3”6 (Minvielle)

Favorite spot : La grande plage - Biarritz

Favorite surf move : Nose, (tube)

Fan of : Antoine Delpero, Justin Bécret

Surfing goal : discover new waves, travel, progress

Hobbies : guitare, life svaing, running, trekking, drawing/painting

Music : “Somewhere over the rainbow”, “Sultan of swing” fron Dire Straits...

Justin Becret

Age : 15

I've been surfing for : 7 years

I surf because : "It's obsessing and fun !"

Favorite board : 5"9 Mattashapes JTB

Favorite surf spot : Casernes - Seignosse

Favorite surf move : Tube

Fan of : Rasto, John John

Surfing goal : compete with the best surfers

Hobbies : be with my friends, read, skate boarding

MusicSurf FM playlist !


Andy Criere

Age : 21 years

I've been surfing for : 11 years

I surf because : I need it. My passion, my sport, my job...

Favorite board : Pukas; 5,10x18 5/8x2 1/4

Favorite spot : San Juan - Lanzarote

Favorite surf move : Tube...

Fan of : Adrian Buchan

Surfing goal : WCT one day ! 

Hobbies : Travel, drive, watch the sunset

Music : For now, Sundream - Rufus