You will find below the frequently asked questions that might come up.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any further questions.  Merci

Do you operate surf lessons all year round ?

Our opening season goes from April til November. We do surf all year round here but water temp drops to 10/12°C not ideal to begin surfing. We also have warm wetsuits, booties and hoods if necessary.

Is all the necessary equipment included in the cost of the lesson ?

Yes. We supply everyone with high quality, warm, flexible surfing wetsuits. We also supply everyone with beginner surf boards. Our beginner surf boards have soft tops and flexible fins, so don't worry about injuring yourself. For further progress a wide range of evolutive to performance surfboards are available but remember that progression implies to practice on the right board. We are here to help you choose as we have no interest in recommending one board rather than another except that you have fun and come back !

Do I need to be a strong swimmer ?

Not really but you need to love being in the water. Wetsuits provide buoyancy, as do the surfboards that are attached to participants at all times when in the water. Also we will never take any participant into a water depth that they feel uncomfortable in especially if it’s a try out experience. Depending on the surfing conditions and location, going to the line up (where you cannot step) might require some serious aquatic awareness gained throughout numerous sessions.

Where do we meet for my surf lesson ?

All participants are asked to meet us at the surf school 15 to 30 minutes prior to the lesson time, where you will be fitted with a wetsuit and sized with a board and put sun screen on.

What do I need to bring for surfing ?

The only things you need to bring with you is a towel, swim suit close to your body and strong sun protection. But most importantly bring your smile & enthusiasm.

What safety equipment will the instructors have ?

Our instructors are qualified beach lifeguards and will have full first aid kit + boards and flippers + a mean of communication WITH them at all times.

What qualification do the instructors have ?

All our instructors have the French surfing diploma + Beach lifeguard Qualification yearly updated. This surfing diploma is recognized world wise to be very qualitative as the professional training goes full time over a year with both theory and practical learning units (200h) as well as two internship periods (1 month in spring and 2 months in the summer (over 400h). Four of the senior instructors have an average of 15 to 20 years experience in surfing local waves. The safety of all participants is a priority and is assured during all sessions.

In case of extremely poor surfing conditions do you pay back surf lesson cancelation ?

In case of really unsurfable conditions (lack of waves -which almost never happens-, too strong waves or winds, pollution…) we will inform you asap by sms or in person of any surf class cancellation of or fact, as well as any update or reprogramming. If the lesson cannot be postponed the following day then we will produce a credit note which will be potentially used for another booking or paid back as a last resort. Any further payment will be made. Any cancelation from the client won’t be refunded (please see the details of our cancelation policy). Any surf training started is due in full.

Do you accept animals ?

We are pets friendly people as long as they are well educated and respectful of people and places. The places need to be as clean an d in working order like it was when you first arrived.
Please note that we have a female border colley named Biscotte. She is just the best dog ever except that she is a bit obsessive with licking. Please say »NON » if she does it to you or your kids. We also have 2 cats and 2 chicken running free around the Lodge. They don’t like dogs with hunting or gaming instinct. Same with young kids who can unintentionally stress them. It’s a pity because it stops them laying eggs ! If you cannot control your own pets or kids regarding this matter, please let us know, we will intervene.

I have to cancel my stay/lesson. What is the refund policy ?

You might not be able to attend a surf course or have to cancel your surf stay.
Here are the terms of cancelation :
- any cancelation happening more than 30 days before the beginning of the lesson/surf camp, the deposit will be paid back ;
- any cancelation happening less than 30 days prior the beginning of the lesson/surf camp, we will keep a down payment of 25% (deposit) ;
- any cancelation happening less than 15 days prior the beginning of the lesson/surf camp, the full payment is due except written medical justification. In this case, only 50% of the full amount will be due ;
- non presentation and /or waiver to a surf course/surf camp is equivalent to a cancellation and full amount will be due.
It is mandatory to keep us informed with proper written proof of any cancelation, modification or report of your surf booking.

Do I need a specific insurance for surfing ?

The Natural Surf Lodge is a declared business who has subscribed a professional liability insurance RC PRO GAN n°A04049081439030, that covers all its professional activities riskiness, but you can always choose to subscribe additional and personal guarantees.

Do I need to pay a deposit to book ?

In general we need 25% deposit to secure on line booking. Deposit and remaining balance can be paid :
- by credit card ;
- by banking transfer ;
- cash.

Trust is a central value of our business and if necessary, we can adapt our deposit and payment policy (fragmented payments in the limit of the last day of our fiscal year).
Sometimes the booking can be arranged on site, by phone or email without paying anything in advance as we usually wait for the end of the week to settle final payment. In these cases and generally speaking ,we expect respect and trust in return. This implies commitment and inform us 24h before postponing or cancelling a lesson for a valid reason.

Is the tourism tax included in the surf camp package ?

Tourism tax is included in all surf camps packages. For beach rentals we can either add it on the bill or you can pay it separately but it’s not included in the price of the beach rental. This tax is paid back to the town hall and used to maintain collective infrastructures like roads, wastewater treatment plant, beach public equipments…

How are surf lessons organized ?

As a general basis natural elements decide of our surfing schedule that is finalized on saturdays in the evening for the coming week closely related to swell and wind forecasts, tides chart and groups surf level. Surf lesson time can change overnight if necessary. Surfing is a science of continuous adaptation.

From a practical point of view you need to be at least 15’ prior to the surf lesson to get your equipment and put sun cream. Also consider at least 15’ to 20’ to rince off the equipment and get changed. Walking time is not included in the lesson and depends on each year sand bar configuration.

Surf lesson duration is 1h30 which is the optimal duration for performant surfing effort for most of people. If you have joined a surf camp or booked a Classic + surf package then it’s better to have a break and go back afterward instead of going for a marathon session.

Surf session starts with articulation rolling or body surfing. During afternoon lessons the warm up can be shorten but entering the water is always progressive.

Groups are limited from 6 to 8 persons per instructor, depending on age and surf level and individual teaching is a priority as each person has its own rythme of progression. Considering natural environment and its unpredictable feature, the content of each session is adapted day by day while none minute spent in the water is wasted. It’s even normal to pass through frustration and stagnation stages and even experience « aquatic breakdown ». Surfing can be perceived as an ungrateful even senseless activity as time spent paddling and waiting for the waves (over 95%) compared to time actually surfing is ridiculous however more and more surfers in the water…

For all surf camp stays and 5 days surf training courses, one theory/culture of surfing class is organized weekly.

Where do the surf lessons take place ?

Depending on the surfing conditions we can exceptionally drive to the protected south beach of Hossegor otherwise all the lessons take place in Seignosse on Casernes’ beach 7km away for the Surf Lodge.
The surf school shack is settled each year from mid April til mid Octobre and offers a unique place for surfboard storage, surf oriented and friendly communication and surf spot observation. It’s also an important relay for ocean safety. Boards and wetsuits are on site and you can leave you belongings in dedicated male and female changing facilities. Valuables can be stored in the surf shack itself which is impenetrable ;-) Public showers are at disposal.
All participants are asked to meet us either at the surf school 15 to 30mins prior to the lesson time, to be fitted with a wetsuit and sized with a board.

Do I need a medical certificate to join surf courses ?

As a leisure activity no medical certification is necessary but common sense requires from any participant a straight communication about any medical and health problems, chronic diseases or old injuries they might have. A serious physical training previous to your stay is always welcome but if you come with no special expectation nor physical preparation then the best attitude is to listen to your body, respect your own rythme and just have fun.

Can I party hard ?

At the Lodge : Keep it for another place and another time. You are here to surf and enjoy early morning sessions, birds songs and trees breathing… it doesn’t mean that you won’t have fun and even share great moments you’ll always remember but that will be more like the sunset plancha, at the beach, the home baked pizza party or the improvised jam session as we have a piano, a guitare and drums on site !

At the Villa : As the villa is closed to civilization, even though in a quite area at the edge of a pine trees forest, you have a quirielle of bars, restaurants and 2 nights clubs walking distance. But remember surf is usually best in the mornings and requires all your attention and muscles… but you can have a siesta !

Do you have Internet access ?

At the Lodge : you will enter a green zone with limited access to Internet. It’s a good time and place to disconnect from crazy social media and WWW rythme but you can still check your email thanx to Nordnet satellite.

At the Villa : the Livebox gives you unlimited access to Internet. Access code is on the box.

Do you organise other activities than surfing ?

Can always do if you wish, but usually surfing and open air activities (walking, biking, skate boarding…) take all the place and can be practiced on site.

Do you offer group discounts ?

We rarely welcome constituted groups. Our sleeping capacity is about 15 adults which is a great size for interesting and rich social interactions. In some exceptional cases (firemen from Aix, Remi’s gang…) we mix the group we know with some new comers and because they are so nice and so fun it’s a success !
Price wise the maximum discount is 10% for families and small groups of 4 persons minimum.

What are the cooking facilites ?

At the Lodge, the large communal room includes a big kitchen fully equipped and the plancha is at disposal anytime. Each guest has his/her own space in the fridges and cupboards, organized by color and referring to the room they are staying in (Purple, Red, Pink, Blue, Orange and Green).

In the Villa, the kitchen fully equipped is shared as well. Same organisation for the fridge and the garde-manger.

What languages are spoken ?

We obviously speak french as we are from France but the whole team speaks fluent english and spanish. Our seasonal workers can be from all over the world so I french and english are alternatively the spoken language at the Lodge and the surf school. Surf lessons are usually thought in both languages.

What is your crowd type ?

Outside school holidays we mostly welcome solo travelers, couples or hand of friends. Age range goes from 20 to 40+ y/o but please don’t impede yourself if you’re over 50 as we had welcomed a couple of great gray guests and can provide their contact for a testimony ! A mix of various nationalities is hoped but over the year a majority of french speaking guest is noticed. Please join to balance that ! We offer 2 private bungalows for couples or couples with a young child and can connect young parents with reliable baby sitters.

On school holidays we usually welcome 1 ou 2 families of 4/5 and also individual guests (about 8 adults) + a small group of teenagers (6 to 8 maximum) that we supervise at all times, completely independent from the rest of the group. The cohabitation is substantial and always a good surprise as respect of everyone’s rythme and person is a must.

What is the neighborhood like ?

The Lodge is located 7 km from Casernes’ beach. It’s an old « Airial » which is typical of Landes’ architecture : a farmhouse that has been renovated and turned into guests bedrooms, a 100sq meters renovated barn turned into the communal room. The scullery has become a private accommodation for couple (The Bungalove) and the Fermette, also for couples, was the old bread oven. Settled on 4300 sq meters oakwood, 5 minutes walk from the fresh water lake known as Etang Blanc where you can stand up paddle and also close to the Etang de Hardy that will take about 40’ to run around under the pine trees. In a couple of words, your close to everything nestled in a bubble of Nature propitious to disconnection.

The Villa is situated by a pine tree forest, 5 minutes walk from the beach l’Agréou. It’s a Villa from the 70’s that has been completely rethought in 2015 to welcome up to 14 persons but we limit the surf camp capacity to 10 persons maximum. In front of the terrace a nice square of grass south oriented is ideal for sunbathing or yoga practice early morning or in the evening. The neighborhood subdivision is quiet even though it’s only few minutes walk from the lively summer town of Seignosse ocean that offer bars, restaurants, minimarkets and even a night club « L’Escargot ». The Villa has a great proximity with the ocean and a more urban and populated environment.

Where is the nearest beach ?

The Lodge is 7km away from the beach « Les Casernes », 10’ drive + 5’ walk, 15’ to 20’ with electric bike and for the most athletic guest about 30’ to 40’ with a classic beach bike. All the other surf spot like Hossegor Gravière, Seignosse Estagnots and Bourdaines are 15’ drive.

The Villa is 400 meters walk away from l’Agréou beach and less than 10’ with classic beach bike from the surf school in plage « Les Casernes ».

Are you close to the bus or train station ?

The Lodge is less than 15’ drive from St Vincent de Tyrosse local train station. Bigger stations are Dax (15’) or Bayonne (20’) and Bordeaux (about 1h15’). Bus stop in Soustons l’Île Verte is less than 10’ drive.

The Villa is 20’ drive from St Vincent de Tyrosse. Bus stop is at Seignosse Tourism Office about 5’ walk.

Do you have parking spaces ?

Yes, on the parking lot in priority and also on the side of the road, in the grass. The end of « Chemin de Bathurt » is not really drivable therefore no much traffic…

When do I need to check out ?

On saturdays, room check out is at 10 am with a possibility to stay at the beach and leave your bags at the Lodge or the Villa if you are independent transferts wise (bikes, taxi, bus, car pool…).

What are the arrival times ?

On sundays check in from 5 to 9 pm at the Lodge with the Lodge complete visit at 7 pm, 6 pm at the Villa in summer time. If you arrive later than 7pm the visit will be post poned the next day.

What do I need to bring for my surf stay ?

We provide home made soap/shampoo bar, bed linen and one towel (extra towel can be hired for 5€ on site).  Don’t forget your sun cream, a warm and windproof vest for spring and autumn days.  Please bring your own USB key or drive to copy the photos from our computer. We don’t put them on facebook anymore as it became complicated regarding image rights. Finally, come with a good will and no concerns what so ever and in case you have forgotten something, don't panic we will find a back up.

Do I need to be in a specific physical condition ?

We recommend you to exercise regularly and if possible to follow a specific physical surf training one month before coming to the Natural Surf Lodge.  Surfing is a complete physical activity that requires the use of all body muscles and especially arms and shoulders muscles.  It is important to respect your own rythme of progression, go little by little, every day more and if possible stretch or practice yoga at the end of the day.

Are surf classes organised by different surf group levels ?

Yes, we have minimum 2 groups of 8 persons maximum. In general the first group is constituted with more beginner and the second with more experienced surfers. Nevertheless, our teaching methods are focused on the person and not on the group. For optimal progress, it’s important not to compare yourself with any other member of the surf group, unless you are a competition oriented person.
For experienced surf groups, Stephan uses video, photo and audio coaching.
Thursday or Friday photo shooting (included in the price) will engrave your best surf moves or your fun falls… Please bring USB key to take them home to share with your family and friends.

What should I expect from my surf holidays at the Natural Surf Lodge ?

The idea is to enjoy your surfing holidays and respect everyone’s rythme. The Lodge is a unique place that offers great moments in groups (communal room, beach hut BBQ, jacuzzi or steam room sessions…) but also to relax in tune with yourself (tree house, beach or forest walk…). Everyone is free to do whatever she/he likes, the only « must do » being the daily surf lessons (usually between 8 and 10 am unless the tide is better earlier or later).

Food time

Breakfast is continental with organic and local products. Set up every morning at least one hour before we leave for the surf lesson. Other meals are self catered. You can use the large and colourful kitchen and plancha anytime. For those we come with no car we organise two shuttles to food shopping (mondays and thursdays) or you can go shopping by bike at the local « épicerie ».

Plancha party is happening every tuesday either at the Lodge or at the beach. It’s a great time to share special moments. Each person prepares something regarding her/his culture and cooking abilities… Claire usually bakes a Clafouti and a gâteau basque (deserts) and Stephan brings some Calvados or Paxaran to digest !

You can also order menus from the local restaurant les Roseaux (starter, main, desert and wine = 12 euros) or walk down the road to la Ferme de Bathurt (ajouter les liens vers les restaurants).

If I come with no car ?

You can arrive at local train station of St Vincent de Tyrosse or at Ile Verte Soustons bus station from where we can organise a transfert (20€ return).  Once at the Lodge you can either use the bikes at disposal if you are sporty or prefer the electric bikes or pool drive either with other lodgers or with us. In this case be prepared to be flexible and cope with the general mood of the group.  Usually it flows and depending on the time of year and weather condition of the day we organise shuttles beach-lodge once or twice a day. 

Same deal for the Villa except that the bus stop is at Seignosse Tourisme office only 5 minutes walk from the Villa.

Natural Surf Lodge
280 Chemin de Bathurt
40140 Soustons
Claire Becret
Tél. +33 (0)6 74 16 02 28