Surf & Work : Alex's experience at the Natural Surf Lodge

Surf & Work : Alex's experience at the Natural Surf Lodge

Tuesday, 19 March 2019 09:57

Alex is a softwares engineer for Adobe. He is also a recurrent and faithful lodger. For 5 years he’s been choosing the Natural Surf Lodge to spend his surfing holidays either with his friends or his family. One can say he’s been hooked by surfing. Last spring 2018 he’s been innovative and has initiated a Work & Surf experience at the Lodge. You can find the entirety of his article on his personal blog.  Below are key moments of his thoughts. Enjoy the ride and thank you Alex !


I work as a software engineer at Adobe and, at Adobe, we do really cool stuff!

As an engineer, I have a privileged life: I can work on almost any cool project I want to, I work from home when I need to, my manager is not behind me counting my working hours, I can eat as much chocolate and fruits as I can, we have a PS4, a foosball table, a ping-pong table, relaxation room, massages…

And I make an impact as they say.

Life is perfect.
Or maybe fully perfect. It is hard to conceive but, quite regularly, I have hard time to find motivation: I feel so much in my comfort zone that I lack of the little bit of “something” that creates enthusiasm, excitement, challenge…

In whatever conditions you are living in, there is one thing which is common to any human on earth: you need to find the “something” that motivates you and helps you moving forward. For sure, if you are starving and fighting to survive, your motivation factors, needs and choices are different than if you are wealthy. But in both cases, understanding those parameters is a requirement to lead toward happiness: keeping your motivation up to decide whether doing one thing or another — the “right” thing — is crucial.

Don’t take me wrong, I am not complaining, I measure the chance I have to be where I am.

During my personal internal exploration process, I am just trying to find THE way for me to keep being motivated. And sharing my findings might help someone else.

One thing I really like is surfing waves. I am not a pro but I love being in the ocean and even more standing up on the board following a wave. I leave 1000 km away from the first beach thus it is not something I can do on a every day basis.

I usually spend 3 or 4 weeks per year on holidays close to the ocean in order to surf. But to pursue my introspection, this time I tried a new experience: Surf&Work.

In agreement with my manager and my wife, I spent a week at the Natural Surf Lodge, combining “surf” in the morning and “work” in the afternoon.

This leads me to ask myself multiple questions that I try to answer here: why surfing ? what is so special with that sport ? why do I feel so good in the water or on a wave ?

Alexandre Capt


Check out the answers to these questions on Alex's blog !