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Surf spirit and values

Thursday, 29 January 2015 10:19

Discover our local surf spirit rooted in universal aloha values that cement the core of our surf team and business : share and respect the natural elements, welcome the difference with kindness and curiosity.


Is free and natural ! Smile from the beginning til the end...


We are very grateful to each person, each tourist who made the choice to come to our surf school to enjoy a surfing holiday in Seignosse south west France, rather than somewhere else.  We will try our best to satisfy your surfing expectations and make your surf stay a special souvenir.


Teach surfing is incredibly rewarding : to give the appropriate technical advise that will help the person to progress or provoke an emotion like a smile is a pure source of energy.


Fair trade is the key of a joyful surf week for the learner and a good surf season for the teacher.  We are happy to work with people, thankful and always remember that we are a speak of dust part of the universe.

French Surfing Federation and tourism accrediation QUALITE TOURISME

We are very careful about quality in each aspect of our services.  You should experience it during the surf classes with fully qualified and experienced surf instructors, but also before and after surf, from the booking procedure to the follow up of your surfing holidays with us (on line satisfaction questionnaire, photos of your surf session, Facebook...).  This quality also finds its expression in the French Surfing Federation label as well as in the national mark Qualité Tourisme ™.


We work to make a living like anyone, but our business is focused on exchange and good sence.  We keep in mind that we are very lucky to be able to live with passion and make money out of it.  But above all, the Natural Surf Lodge allows us to transmitt and share, create a link for a better world.  Our "trade policy" is to put ourselves in the shoes of our guests and in case of disagreement to find the fair deal.  You pay for a service and we will be happy only if you leave us happy.  One of our best reward is seing people coming back over the years, it's a fullfiling satisfaction to know that we have done a good job.  It's a good way to talk about business without the negative connotation because business brings exchange and diversity involved in living a better life.  The problem is when business is done at the expense of someone or something and is forced into excessive actions...


Our commitment wouldn't be complete without talking about sustanability that is part of the Natural Surf Lodge adventure from the beginning in 2003. Its name stands for itself : Natural Surf ...
Be natural, close to Nature, as simple as taking your board and go surfing, as evident as respecting our natural environment and preserve it.  Without falling in an extrem ecological approach, we try to apply as often as possible coherent reflexion and common sens in our surf lessons (understanding of the environment) and in our business organisation.

As a concret exemple, we buy surf school equipment to local surf businesses eventhough we pay more for it as social expenses in France are higher that in China for instance.  You can find further developpment of our actions and thoughts in the Meetoyen article on line (sorry it's in french) or just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about it.

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