Learning to Surf in France: An Education in Respect in Acceptance

Learning to Surf in France: An Education in Respect in Acceptance

Tuesday, 09 July 2019 15:17

Explore the importance of respect and acceptance when it comes to learning to surf in France.

 The learn to surf experience can be fun, challenging and incredibly rewarding. But it can also serve as an opportunity for self-discovery and a chance to learn more about the natural world that surrounds us. With that in mind, we’ve built an eco-friendly surf lodge in Seignosse that offers both surf lessons and surf camps in the Landes Region, while at the same time raises awareness for this wonderful playground we call ocean.

This isn’t undertaken by simply dishing out boring or overtly serious lessons on Mother Nature though. Instead, we lead by example and demonstrate how you can respect the environment by introducing environmentally friendly practices into your own daily life.

For example: did you know that Natural Surf Lodge has been constructed using sustainable materials sourced from renewable local materials and that our nine-seater van is equipped with a special CO2 filter that limits harmful emissions? We also recycle all of our paper, glass and plastic, use solar energy to heat your hot water and encourage ‘green’ behaviours. This encompasses taking shorter showers, turning off of lights in empty rooms and limiting plastic usage whilst improving your skin with artisanal, locally made soap/shampoo by Aléabulles. Our surf retreat in Seignosse will even discount your next booking 10% if you decide to car pool with other guests to the lodge.

On top of all this, our surf camp in Seignosse backs both national and local environmental groups by lending support when we can. This ensures we send a positive message to the broader community, one that shows it’s important to protect the environment since we are part of the “whole” and our very existence is interwoven with that of the natural world.

Another thing that makes our surf school and surf camp in France different from others is that we also teach you about the power of acceptance and how surrendering to Mother Nature can make you a better surfer.

Now to give you a bit of context, we don’t talk about surrender in the sense that you should give up or call it quits if you find learning to surf difficult. What we actually mean is that surfing is an activity that drops you right into the middle of Mother Nature at work, which will see you coming up against various natural conditions and even your own ego as you set about mastering the basics.


Factors of the environment such as the tides, the winds, the swell and the size of the moon will therefore all influence how well you can surf on any given day, but the thing about all of these elements is that we cannot control them.

By accepting this and instead focusing on your own expectations and technique, you’ll essentially discover how being in tune with Mother Nature rather than trying to fight against her can help you progress faster. Not to mention you’ll also develop a healthy respect of her power.

So if you want to learn how to surf in Seignosse while at the same time gain a deeper admiration for the environment and explore the role acceptance plays in the learn to surf experience, Natural Surf Lodge is here to help.

We guarantee that if you come to us with respect, humility and an open-mind, no expectations and rather acceptance, we will show you the best time of your life.

Enjoy being part of nature and have fun learning to surf! Try out the spirit of our surf school and surf camp in South West France.