Find out more about the Covid-19 protocol and charter at the Natural Surf Lodge

Find out more about the Covid-19 protocol and charter at the Natural Surf Lodge

Saturday, 06 June 2020 16:53

Life is almost back on track! As many other activities, the implementation of a protocol to combat the spread of Covid-19 at the Natural Surf Lodge and at the surf school has been settle. These basic measures require us all to adapt, but we remain confident about everyone's responsibility.
Looking forward to see you!

If you are on this page, you are probably either curious or concerned about how the Natural Surf Lodge is managing the sanitary crisis and certainly eager to know if you will be able to spend your next surfing holidays with us or not.
We can definitely say that the 2020 summer and autumn surfing season was great despite the heavy context and the not very fun but protective measures. Last year we had no hindsight and no vaccine and objectively the season was great. Good people and a good team with a respectful and joyful spirit spliced with sunny weather and gentle summer waves.
This positive experience encourages us to write that the 2021 season should also go well. We are adaptive people, surfers’ n°1 quality, professional and fun.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the guests who have been brave and trusting and chose to spend their surfing holidays with the Natural Surf Lodge team, surfing and sharing moments together despite the "anti social" context.
See you soon for the coming surfing season!


  • In case of COVID 19 symptoms I cancel my visit
  • I wash my hands regularly
  • I cough or sneeze in my elbow or in a handkerchief
  • I use disposable tissues and throw them away
  • I greet without shaking my hand, I stop kissing
  • I respect 1 meter distance from other people



A stay in a surf camp essence is to share and live moments together.
However, the current situation requires us to take certain vigilance measures, making everyone responsible.
These measures are for everybody staying at the Natural Surf Lodge and teen surf camps.


Come with your own mask so that you can wear it when needed on site.
Wear it in confined spaces and near people (1 meter minimum distance to be observed).
Wear it in transport by bus, car, at meeting points and as much as possible in collective spaces where distance is not possible.

In collective spaces: keep your personal belongings in your bag and avoid contact with other people's belongings (mask, telephone, clothes, etc.).


Disinfectant sprays and disinfectant solutions will be available to lodgers in the common areas and bedrooms.
Their use everybody’s responsibility, for the well-being of all.

The hand disinfection protocol:

  • I wash my hands for 30 seconds under soap and water
  • I use a hydroalcoholic gel and I rub my hands

However, we also recommend that you bring your own disinfectant gel to keep it with you for your convenience.

The surfaces of the common spaces (dining table, work surface, etc.) will be disinfected twice a day by NATURAL SURF LODGE, which will not prevent disinfection of the surfaces by lodgers after they have used these same spaces.

Rules for the use of utensils, fridges, dishwashers, games, etc. as well as the progress of the breakfast provided by the NATURAL SURF LODGE will be communicated to you at your arrival at the LODGE.

  • Copper scrapers will be available to wash the dishes, these will be boiled everyday. You can also come with your own sponge (or buy it in the area in shops).
  • The dishes can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand in a collective and responsible approach. However, for those who wish, a set of dishes can be given to you on your arrival and will be under your responsibility for the week. Please provide something to identify it (varnish, marker or other). In this case, the storage of personal dishes will be done in its dedicated shelf.
  • I disinfect my hands with gel at the entrance of the room, before touching the handle and entering the room
  • I disinfect my hands with gel at the exit of the room before touching the handle and leaving the room
  • 1 disinfection kit in each room with 1 gel and 1 spray + wipe will be in the room and to be left in the room
  • I take my personal belongings back in the bathroom after my visit
  • I separate my belongings from those of other people in the storage
  • I ventilate the room as soon as possible

All of these precautions and precautionary principles are for everyone's vigilance and common sense.
We thank in advance all the Lodgers for their understanding and adaptation to these new rules with joy, good humor and respect for others.
The rules of community life that characterize stays at NATURAL SURF LODGE.



A protocol has been defined at the cabin to allow you to move around, equip yourself and take your lessons in the simplest way possible.
You will find below the basic rules, the rest of the procedures will be explained on site (direction of traffic, picking up of equipment, disinfection of equipment, etc…



Aerial view of the SHACK


The changing rooms will not be available: remember wear you swimwear, so that you can put your wetsuit on the beach.
Luggage storage will not available for your personal effects, come with the bare minimum.
Bring a backpack with a water bottle and sunscreen to leave on the beach with your personal belongings (clothes, towel etc ... which will be left on the beach in front of the spot of your lesson)

The bags will be separated from each other to avoid contact.

Personal wetsuits are highly recommended.

If you don't have here you find 2 options:

1. PURCHASE, possibility of a discount. 

VISSLA : Surf shop in Hossegor + online shop

  • 15 % on combinations available
  • Discount code : NSLVISSLA15 for men & kids / NSLSISSTR15 for women
  • Online shop : for men and Kids
    For women
  • Shop VISSLA:
    Zone d’Activites de Pedebert
    39, avenue des Sabotiers 40150 Soorts hossegor
    Tel. : +33 5 58 90 48 62



THE FARM: Surf Shop in Soorts-Hossegor + online shop

  • Contact Buffalo or Alain directly from NATURAL SURF LODGE and present the Vissla visual of this blog post.
  • 15% on new and used combinations available
  • Online shop
  • Shop:
    97, Avenue des Rémouleurs
    40150 Soorts-Hossegor
    Tel. : +33 6 79 81 89 73

BILLABONG : online shop

  • Ask us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view get the code
  • 15 % on combinations available
  • Online Shop

2. LEND, possible through the Natural Surf Lodge:

  • Wetsuits must be picked up at the cabin on the day of the course
  • Plan to arrive at least 15 min before the start of the course to pick them up
  • The suits are disinfected after each use

The boards and leash will be delivered on site upon your arrival at the cabin 10 min before class time.
The course begins once the wetsuits are on the beach.
The equipment is disinfected after each use.

We are well aware that these measures remain binding within the framework of a "pleasure" activity. But they exist for the good of all of us.
Please keep in mind that this protocol is not easy for us either. But all together we have to adapt ... with a big smile!