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Surf and raw food workshops with Johanne Utard and Natural Surf Lodge

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 05:42

Life goes through encounters, most of the time giving you energy and ideas.... Johanne is one of them, freshly arrived in les Landes, she came for a winter visit at the Natural Surf Lodge.  Her kindness, smile and way of living  touched my heart.  While exchanging around the fire place, we came up with the idea of sharing what means a lot to us : surfing and trying to live a healty and meaningful life.  The Surf & Detox week was born.

Energy, mental clarity and regeneration

Johanne offers to discover raw living foods during this relaxing stay between the ocean and the forest of les Landes. Surf and raw cooking to offer you an holistic reflection on how to live healthier. Daily raw healthy food courses are available for you to discover and therefore introduce you to a different diet that will boost your vitality, digestion, sleep, concentration or creativity. After this detox surf camp, you will have in hand the keys and tools, both theoretical and practical, to implement a concrete and effective dietary transition.

Surf and detox week follow up

Every night at the Lodge, Johanne offers raw food workshop : presentation of products and equipment, preparation of dinner together, eating the goodies, and introduction of the basics about living food, its benefits as well as its pitfalls. So you can set up a food transition smooth and gradual. The evening continues with mini thematic conferences based on requests. And for those who wish to test a full raw-food-week, Johanne is available to guide you with meal ideas. Whether you want to eat fully raw or partially, this course will help you to take action at home. For further info you can check Johanne's personnal website, it's Naturalistic !
Regarding surfing, daily surf lesson at Casernes' beach to connect with ocean energy, then either free surfing or back to the Lodge for a siesta in the tree hut or streching under the oak trees waiting for Johanne's cruisine ateliers.

When ?

- Sunday 3rd of May til saturday 9th of May 2015

- Sunday 17th of May til saturday 23rd of May 2015

- Sunday 31rd of May til saturday 6th of June 2015

- Sunday 6th of September til saturday 12th of September 2015

- Sunday 27th of September til saturday 3rd of October 2015

- Sunday 11th of October til saturday 17th of October 2015

Last but not least...

"Let thy food be thy medicine alone"
"First, do no harm"

Merci Johanne for this new adventure....

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