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Wednesday, 28 January 2015 17:15

Surf camps educational project and natural approach

A great surfing experience

First and foremost, the Natural Surf Lodge is a physical adventure surrounded and supported by nature.  This adventure includes living and sharing spectacular moments, while also learning to appreciate life's simple pleasures.  It is also a good time and place to learn and practice a green approach daily living and to develop awarness of how you can live a more eco-friendly life.
Surf packages and surf camps at the Natural Surf Lodge help small groups (8 or less) of international visitors (adults and teeangers) to meet and exchange experiences, in english, french, or spanish while learning to surf. The participants share daily life in an authentic French farmhouse with a friendly atmosphere.
At the same time, they become acquainted with local French people and their traditions, all which provide a tremendous learning opportunity and experience.  At the Natural Surf Lodge, you can promote a healthy body and mind by interacting with others who share a common interest, in a relaxed, supervised environment surrounded by Nature. The centuries-old oak trees and ocean surf lend themselves to experiencing ancient traditions, thus promoting a lifestyle in tune with the earth.
Surfing is not only a rewarding, yet demanding physical activity. Surfing allows us to enjoy being a part of Nature by requiring that we synchronize our activities with the ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean.  We have respect for Nature and her power, while simultaneously exchanging our mutual energy, enthusiasm, and skill with each wave's pure, unadulterated power. This relationship gives us a tremendous rush of adrenaline and good, plain, traditional fun.

Surfing is more than just a sport

Surfing is an open-air activity that develops many worthwhile qualities such as perseverance and self-control. Surfing carries a very special state of mind directly related to meeting challenges and the resulting self-accomplishment. We learn to overcome personal obstacles and limitations through surfing the waves. We become one with our natural environment, including the three elements that create a wave : earth, wind, and water.  Surfing is an ideal medium for growing strong relationships among these three elements and ourselves.

Regarding these elements, the Natural Surf Lodge reflects a particular spirit based upon :
Respect for both Nature and person : acknowledgement of the human and environmental relationship
Humility and respect for the power of the three elements
Exhilarating freedom to be one with a wave and ride it to its completion
Cultural exchange and sharing among fellow surfing enthusiasts of varying international backgrounds and traditions.

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  • Balise Title: The ocean is your Nature