5th edition of the original and exclusive partnership between Karo Swen and the Natural Surf Lodge. 2019 Surf & Pole Dance in June and September ! Ready ? Steady, Spin ! Where: in Seignosse in Landes Aquitaine regionWhen: Tide calendar rules the program. In general we try to organize the surf in the morning, and Pole Dance session in the afternoon.2019 datesFrom Sunday 9th to Saturday 15th of June (beginner and intermediate level)- From Sunday 16th to Saturday 22nd of June (intermediate and advanced level)- From Sunday 8th to Saturday 14th of September (beginner and…
Wednesday, 23 January 2019 15:42

Surfer musician all the dates for 2019!

After a sucessfull year of Surf & Music, the Natural Surf Lodge and Caravan Audio Consultant in the person of Guillaume resign for the Surf & Music Playground 2019 edition. One week surf camp and music production workshop. Full immersion in these 2 inspiring universes during 2 sessions this year. - From 26th of May til 1st of June 2019- From 29th of September til 5th of October 2019 Since 2017, Surf & Music Playgroung, is one of the recurrent and most creative week organised by the Natural Surf Lodge in partnership with Caravan Audio…
Thursday, 22 November 2018 13:42

Paddle for your planet

The citizen movement #RamePourTaPlanète is gathering surfers from all over the world to paddle and express the emergency to save the planet. Rendez-vous at La Grande plage in Biarritz first Saturdays of each month until G7 summit sets up there this coming August ! And all over the world where surfers join the movement ! Rame pour ta planète was born in Bayonne during the Alternatiba Tour for climate and social justice in October 2018. Some citizen surfers, sadly privileged witnesses of environment pollution and oceans sewage, decided to show their commitment and will to…
Life goes through encounters, most of the time giving you energy and ideas.... Johanne is one of them, freshly arrived in les Landes, she came for a winter visit at the Natural Surf Lodge. Her kindness, smile and way of living touched my heart. While exchanging around the fire place, we came up with the idea of sharing what means a lot to us : surfing and trying to live a healty and meaningful life. The Surf & Detox week was born. Energy, mental clarity and regeneration Johanne offers to discover raw living foods during…
New website, new video, new surf season...Nice surfing week coming up in Seignosse and Hossegor ... After rain comes the sun, smells like spring time ! The Lodge gets ready to open very soon... Enjoy the new video to get out of winter and feel like spending a week by the ocean.Thank you to the one who already booked their spring surf holidays with Natural Surf Lodge and welcome to the others. Special thanx to Elise, Cédric, Marco, Gianma and Fx for your support and advises regarding the new website.Merci et à bientôt
Thursday, 29 January 2015 10:19

Surf spirit and values

Discover our local surf spirit rooted in universal aloha values that cement the core of our surf team and business : share and respect the natural elements, welcome the difference with kindness and curiosity. SMILE Is free and natural ! Smile from the beginning til the end... RESPECT We are very grateful to each person, each tourist who made the choice to come to our surf school to enjoy a surfing holiday in Seignosse south west France, rather than somewhere else. We will try our best to satisfy your surfing expectations and make your surf…
Thursday, 29 January 2015 10:02

Surf physical training

Surf physical training to get the best out of your surfing holidays in South West France with Natural Surf Lodge. Exercise to surf fitness ... by Nolan Palmer Smith and Julia Pool Often described as one of the hardest sports to pick up, half of the challenge is strength using muscles you would never usually call on. The best way to increase your surf strength is - unsurprisingly ! - by actually surfing, but there are also some exercises you can do before hand to help. General physical condition Go swimming 1 or 2 times…
Wednesday, 28 January 2015 17:15

Natural core

Surf camps educational project and natural approach A great surfing experience First and foremost, the Natural Surf Lodge is a physical adventure surrounded and supported by nature. This adventure includes living and sharing spectacular moments, while also learning to appreciate life's simple pleasures. It is also a good time and place to learn and practice a green approach daily living and to develop awarness of how you can live a more eco-friendly life.Surf packages and surf camps at the Natural Surf Lodge help small groups (8 or less) of international visitors (adults and teeangers) to…
Wednesday, 28 January 2015 17:15

Holistic and local surf approach

Surfing combined with Nature in the great south west of France to step into an holistic approach of life, health and wellbeing... Surf Unique and holistic surf experience on famous Hossegor and Seignosse beach breaks. Surfing is a great out door activity that requires energy and perseverence : our surf school guarantees quality teaching to start or improve your surfing skills to enjoy the surf. Nature Natural and respected environment to chill out after surf :the Natural Surf Lodge is an original and convivial accommodation located in a natural and preserved environment. The Lodge itself…
Wednesday, 28 January 2015 17:15

Choose over 100 boards

The Natural Surf School displays a quiver of over 100 surf boards for all types of surfers from beginner to expert : kids, men and women. In all inclusive packages surf equipment is at disposal for the whole stay for early birds to sunset fans. External surfers and free surfers who hire a board with us can swap their board depending on the surf conditions, progresses and surf moods... Surf boards and body boards Beginner surferA wide range of foam surf boards to guarantee security, comfort and success. BIC range from 6'2" to longboards are…
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